What My Clients Are Saying

Mrs H Ilyas

Jules is an amazing lady. She has a calm and kind voice. I saw her for help with dealing with stress related to work in the NHS. She helped enormously and her relaxation audio is the best I have ever heard!

Caroline W

If I’m honest before I started the sessions with Jules, I was a little sceptical. I thought Hypnosis was a bit ‘hippy-like’ and would have no effect on me.. How wrong was I!

Jules is a caring and attentive practitioner. You can tell she has a background in Nursing by her considerate and gentle manner. At our first session she automatically put me at ease and made sure I was comfortable. Her consulting space has large windows looking out onto a lovely garden and woodland beyond. It is a calming and relaxing place.

Lying back and closing your eyes takes a certain amount of trust and talking to someone about your anxieties and concerns is deeply personal. Jules totally understands this. She talks about topics that you’d like to cover before each session and takes notes so she can bespoke each consultation to reflect your needs.

The Hypnosis is soothing and calming. I am always in control which was important to me.

One of the biggest benefits of the sessions and the recorded audios I have felt is the greater perspective I now have of my own emotions and techniques to boost my confidence.

I am massively massively less anxious and steadily growing my confidence. Thank you so much Jules .

Karen R

Jules hypnotherapy recording for relaxation was really good. She understood my needs (I am a working mum of two in a demanding job, also caring for an elderly parent). I find it difficult to switch off and relax, and following an extremely unsettling period earlier this year, I was struggling to sleep through the night. Jules did me two recordings, listening to my feedback on the first one and tailoring the second further.  The result was a perfect fit, I needed something short and effective and easy to fit into my already hectic schedule.  My general sense of calm has returned after a really stressful period in my life, and I know I can return to the recording when I need it. I particularly appreciate that it was made for me and specific to my needs, rather than an 'off the shelf' recording, which is a bit impersonal.  Very happy to recommend Jules.

Jane P

I heard about Jules from a friend when I was suffering from an acute physical health issue, this was exacerbated by stress and making me quite concerned. My first session with Jules was invaluable. Not only did she teach me how to achieve a deep level of relaxation but she additionally tailor made some audios for me to listen to. This combination of face to face and home material was highly effective and I feel much more in control of my physical health and mental well-being.

Catherine K

I asked Jules if she could help me a couple of months before I was due to contribute at a work meeting to a large group of colleagues. All my adult life I have shied away from any type of public speaking. I have dismissed jobs which would have been perfect for me and skipped sessions on courses when speaking/ teaching is involved. Even the thought of this so far away was making me feel panicked & anxious and I was spending time worrying about it daily. I asked Jules if she could help and she was confident she could & I had nothing to loose but go with it.
Jules created some audios I mostly listened to at night  and over the weeks I noticed some subtle changes in myself - change in confidence but the most noticeable was I stopped feeling anxious about the upcoming meeting- even the night before I was indifferent. On the day I just went along & contributed - no sweaty hands no shaking voice no feelings of needing to flee the room. Instead of thinking I will never do a presentation I think I maybe could if I had to.

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