Embracing a bit of hygge

April 27, 2018

 Hygge is an intriguing concept which seems to have exploded into our lives over the past few years like trends often do. Yet this one is different. Pronounced 'hue-guh', it's a mysterious Danish word used to describe cosiness, well being and contentment. Imbedded deep within the Danish and Norwegian culture its origin is thought to originate from the word 'hug' back in the 1500's. Fast forward a few centuries and it fits snuggly into our new founded love of mindfulness and 'being in the moment'.


Apparently the word 'hygge' was named the runner up Collins dictionary word of the year 2016 (after brexit!) shortly followed by a onslaught of books about the Danish art of happiness and all things heart warming and skandi. Now, I am generally a skeptic of trends which involve such hype (although my Husband reminds me that my feng shui phase was embraced with a similar passion)  but I do confess to having fallen in love with the concept of being in the moment. Just me and/or a significant other, supping rich frothy coffee and gazing out onto the snowy urban landscape whilst warming ourselves in some trendy, minimalist but charming  cafe.


Ok so I'm imagining some caffeine laced utopia (as a hypnotherapist I enjoy a bit of imaginary time out) but you get the general picture. It turns out that checking out from social media for a bit, focusing on friends and family, turning the lights low and burning some candles whilst enjoy home cooked food and good company is good for your health. I guess us Brits have been doing it for years. Arguably when we brace the cold weather for wintery walks to country pubs rewarded with roaring fires and roast dinners for example.  Its essentially about enjoying everyday simple pleasures at a slower more thoughtful pace, not restricting it to winter either as a sense of hygge can be found in every every season and in the outdoors, candles and good company included. No wonder Denmark has been voted happiest country in the world. Coffee and cake anyone?



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